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The Fantasy Fantasia Podcast and Brimstone Games are teaming up to raise money for the Windsor Downtown Mission! For those who have never played D&D before, good news! You do not need to have played Dungeons and Dragons to enjoy this event! In D&D we create an improvised story where a group of fun and wacky characters will be going on an adventure and getting involved in hilarious and intense situations.

 Please join us on December 9th at 7:00 p.m. on Twitch as we delve into one of the most iconic DND adventures ever written:

Our heroes have been hired by legendary hunter Rudolph Van Richten in a last ditch effort to kill the vampire Strahd von Zarovich. When they arrive, Strahd confronts them and warns: "I am the ancient. I am the land. The walls of Castle Ravenloft are my domain, and here, I reign supreme. You wish to hunt me down? So be it. We are but two hours from planar midnight. I grant you two cosmic hours to explore the castle, uncover its mysteries, and confront me. But when the sands of time run out, so too will your lives. Welcome to Castle Ravenloft. Welcome...to your doom!"

     In light of the upcoming holiday season and the current Covid-19 pandemic, there is an influx of people in need of support. The Windsor Downtown Mission has worked since 1972 to provide meals, beds, health and employment supports, and outreach services to individuals in need in Windsor. We want to assist them in helping as many people as possible over the upcoming months. 

Everyone who donates to the Downtown Mission on our Facebook Fundraiser page will be entered into a draw to win prizes kindly donated by Brimstone Games, including a Dungeon Master Starter kit, and Brimstone merch! 


     Where do I donate?

Donations to the Downtown Mission are made through our Facebook Fundraiser Page HERE!

     Where can I watch the stream?

We will be streaming on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/fantasyfantasia

     Is it free?

Watching the event on Twitch is free! But we do ask you please make a donation to support the Mission and for the chance to win awesome prizes.

     How much of a donation is required to enter the draw?

Any donation, no matter how big or small, counts as one draw entry.

     How and when will I get my prize if I am chosen?

Prizes will be shipped to your house within one week of receiving your address. They will be shipped through Canada Post and ETA will be based on their shipping speed.

     What if I am busy during the livestream but still want to watch?

Good news: the live stream will be recorded and shared on the Facebook Fundraiser page for you to watch at a later time! However, it will only be available for 2 days after the livestream, and will be taken down once the fundraiser page is closed.

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