The voices you hear selling you things, the voices you hear conjuring other worlds, those voices coming out of thin air belong to people whose lives are every bit as messy as yours. ADR follows two of these people over the course of a year, as they create realities far different from their own, with humour, and sadness and compassion.


Welcome to the recording studio.

"The absolute highlight of the show is the script reading for a cartoon which brought out impressive vocal characterizations and over the top facial expressions from both actors. If you don’t laugh when they perform this scene, you are not human."     


     - Dan Savoie, 519 Magazine

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"The opening scene is beyond hilarious. Taylor, who has done his share of such voice overs, sets up a most amusing predicament."     


     - Robert Tuomi, Eyes on Windsor

ADR/VO premiered March 15, 2020 at Rockstar Music Hall.


Cast and Crew:

Directed by: Brian Taylor
Written by: Brian Taylor
Featuring: Eric Branget, Daniela Piccinin
Set Design by: Eric Branget, Brian Taylor
Sound Design by: Brian Taylor, Eric Branget
Stage Management by: Samantha Lillian
Produced by: Tall Tale Theatre Company