The story follows Cole, a man trying to win his life back after a decade of selfish decision making. Struggling to maintain a relationship with his oldest friend Jeremy, and hoping to win back the love of his life, Julia, everything seems to be going according to plan until an unexpected visitor named Vik shows up with news that will inevitably change everything.


Photography by: New Way Media and Churchwood Productions

"...carries so much raw emotion that you find yourself captivated when watching the performers. The four actors stayed connected to their characters every second they were on that stage. I feel like the actors dug deep into their soul to bring out what each character was feeling to really bring that to life."


       - YQG Rocks

"A Bad Man’s World was a beautifully written show. . . Watching the performance, I felt myself getting teary-eyed at times and wanting to jump on stage and give them all a

hug. . . I give the actors a huge round of applause for being able to pull the audience in like that."   


       - YQG Rocks

A Bad Man's World premiered May 10, 2018 at Sho Art, Spirit, and Performance


Cast and Crew:

Directed by: Eric Branget
Written by: Michael J. Krym
Featuring: Michael Krym, Shannon Pitre, Kyle Kimmerly, Somerville Black
Costume Design by: Somerville Black, Eric Branget
Set Design by: Eric Branget, Mathew Laforet
Sound Design by: Stephano LaCivita, Somerville Black, Eric Branget
Stage Management by: Eric Branget
Produced by: Shō Studios, Greg Dehetre, Michael J. Krym