Commedia Noir

Videography by: New Way Media

     Fuelled by the tense pinnacle of Prohibition era gangsters, rum running, and speakeasies, Commedia Noir invites you to step foot into a dangerous 1920’s Noir styled-Windsor, harmoniously juxtaposed by the larger than life characters of Commedia dell’Arte.

Videography by: New Way Media

     Follow the story of Harley: a simple paperboy, and his pursuit to win the attentions of his love at first sight, Fatalia. Not realizing that his beloved femme fatale is the daughter of the notoriously greedy rum running boss, his pursuit plunges him into a dangerous underground world brimming with murder, deception, double agents, betrayal, and war between criminals and cops. Will our hero succeed? Will love prevail? Or will they fall prey to the claws of an unforgiving Noir world? 

Videography by: New Way Media

"Commedia Noir by Tall Tale Theatre Co. was an impressive triumph of silliness and physicality, performed by an immensely talented cast. Congrats to all involved- Eric Branget, Averey Meloche, Samantha Lillian et al. Marvelous work!"

     - Michael K Potter (Facebook)

"Commedia Noir was an absolute f*cking RIOT. Please just treat yourself and go see this wonderful live cartoon!"

     - Nicole Clark (Facebook)

"Commedia Noir is like a live-action Warner Bros. cartoon mixed with only the filthiest Punch and Judy antics, set in Prohibition Windsor. A poetic, athletic, and hilarious fusion of eras, styles, and media. A+"

     - Martin Ouellette (Facebook)


"Tall Tale Theatre's Commedia Noir Breaks The Mold with Great Success"

     - Robert Tuomi, Eyes on Windsor

Commedia Noir premiered October 2, 2019 at Rockstar Music Hall

Cast and Crew:

Directed by: Averey Meloche

Written by: Averey Meloche

Featuring: Daniela Picinnin, Brady Madsen, Shannon Pitre, Averey Meloche

Costume Design by: Samantha Lillian

Set Design by: Averey Meloche, Eric Branget, Samantha Lillian

Sound Design by: Eric Branget

Stage Management by: Samantha Lillian

Produced by: Eric Branget, Gina Lori Riley Dance Enterprises