For the Love of Late Night

     For the Love of Late Night, follows the story of Jimmy McCrae, the former King of Late Night himself, as he struggles to stay relevant in modern times. With everything changing, Jimmy soon realizes his days as a Late Night host are number, but before he steps out of the spotlight, he intends to go out with one heck of a final show.


Photography by: New Way Media and Churchwood Productions

"The actors had the audience laughing from beginning to end​"      


     - YQG Rocks

"Playright Michael J. Krym has an uncanny ability to cobble together an economy of words and props to mirror the passage of time as McCrae heads to his fall from grace. Often the ways are humorous."     


     - Eyes on Windsor 

For the Love of Late Night premiered July 19, 2018 at Sho Art, Spirit, and Performance


Cast and Crew:

Directed by: Michael J. Krym
Written by: Michael J. Krym
Featuring: Eric Branget, Shannon Pitre, Kyle Kimmerly, Somerville Black
Costume Design by: Eric Branget, Shannon Pitre, Kyle Kimmerly, Somerville Black, Michael J. Krym
Set Design by: Michael J. Krym, Eric Branget
Sound Design by: Michael J. Krym
Stage Management by: Michael J. Krym, Somerville Black
Produced by: Shō Studios, Greg Dehetre, Michael J Krym