Online Monologue Competition


Thank you so much to everyone who participated. You helped make the competition a big success, as well as created some wonderful monologues! It was a joy to watch all of your creativity.

Grand Finale Winner:

Breanna Maloney

Round 2 Winner:

Shannon Pitre


1) Monologues must be original unpublished works and cannot exceed three minutes

2) Monologues must be submitted by either tagging Tall Tale on facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and by using the hashtag #isoliloquy.

3) Monologues need not be written by performer.

4) First place winners of each round cannot submit again until final round. Second place and lower of each round may submit for another round.

5) Finale round is closed off from submission except for previous first place winners and a "Wildcard Selection" of previous submitters chosen by Tall Tale. 

6) Monologues must fit each weeks theme to be considered.

7) First place winners must email Tall Tale a copy of their submission to be posted to their social medias and website.

8) Monologue's must be within reasonable appropriateness. 

Round 3 Winner:

Brendee Green

Round 1 Winner:

Breanna Maloney


"Is it possible to receive feedback on my performance or writing?"

     Yes! When submitting feel free to contact us on social media or at out email to request feedback.

"How and when do I receive my prize if I win?"

     Prizes will be delivered to your house following health safety guidelines set by medical professionals by a member of Tall Tale Theatre.  Tall Tale will inform you of when to expect the prize based on shipping ETA's we receive from delivery services.

"What if I live outside of Windsor?"

     You can still submit! If you win a prize we will ship the order to you, covering shipping costs.

"How exactly does submission work?"

     To submit yourself, you must upload a video of yourself performing the monologue to either Facebook or Instagram. Then you must tag Tall Tale Theatre and also use the hashtag #isoliloquy in your post description.  That's it!

"What are the deadlines?"

     Submissions must be made by 11:59 pm each Saturday of May. The winners will be announced the following day on Sunday.

For any enquires or unanswered questions: