June 24, 2020

The Fantasy Fantasia Podcast Premiere

Fellow adventurers, the day is FINALLY HERE! Tall Tale Theatre Collective is proud to present... The Fantasy Fantasia Podcast!

Join a group of Canadian theatre nerds as they gather around and play various tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Monsterhearts, Monster of the Week, and more! 
We're starting with TWO flagship campaigns - "Dungeons and Dragons: Legend of the Silver Flame" and "Undergrad: a Monsterhearts 

You can listen to the show through Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts! Find the links through our website linked here!

This podcast was only made possible by the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Fund. You can see more about their work at this link here.

Season 2 of Night Terrors

June 20, 2020

Tall Tale Theatre Collective is proud to release our 2 NEW EPISODE, Isolation Double FEARture! 

'Foreverland' and 'Ace in the Hole' are now available for your listening horrifying pleasure! Click here for all episodes of Night Terrors!

This special was made possible in part by the City of Windsor.

**Warning, Night Terrors contains coarse language and mature content. Listening discretion is advised***

Ace In The Hole.png

'Foreverland' is written by Breanna Maloney and is a co-production with Breanna Maloney Creations. Somewhere between a dream and reality. Anna tries to protect her son Daniel from the hag, a beast of the night who infiltrates Anna's psychosis. 'Foreverland' is a story about a woman's struggle with sleep paralysis and how her dreams reflect her relationship with self vs. motherhood. This story is based on real life events and interviews. 

Written by - Breanna Maloney 

Edited by - Mitchell Branget

Featuring the voice talents of - Emily Deimling & Eric Branget

Original Music by - Nicholas Bourque & PJ Bling

Double FEARture Poster Design by - Jeremy Burke 

Episode Poster Design by - Eric Branget 

Directed by - Eric & Mitchell Branget 

'Ace in the Hole' is written by Andrew Iles, story by Eric Branget and is co-produced with our friends from Post Productions. Ace Night is obsessed with being the greatest magician alive. But at what cost? When his nationally televised trick "Buried Alive for 7 Days" goes wrong, he is forced to determine who on his team wants him dead...before it's too late. His jealous wife? His greedy manager? His perfect assistant? Or perhaps the very man who made his coffin. Find out with our most star studded cast to date as they bring you, Night Terrors': Ace in the Hole. 

Written by - Andrew Iles 

Story by - Eric Branget, Mitchell Branget & Andrew Iles

Featuring the voice talents of: Daniela Piccinin, Mamie Zwettler, Julius Cho,

Eric Branget, Fay Lynn, Andrew Iles & Michael Potter

Edited by - Mitchell Branget 

Original Music by - Nicholas Bourque & PJ Bling

Double FEARture Poster Design by - Mitchell Branget

Directed by - Andrew Iles

May 2 2020

Submit for our Online Monologue Competition!


Tall Tale is excited to announce it will be hosting a four week original monologue competition!

Submit yourself performing an original monologue written by you or someone you know for the chance to win awesome prizes! Each week, a winner is chosen by a panel of judges to compete in the final round to win the grand prize! 

Monologues must not exceed three minutes and performances can be submitted by either tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or by using the hashtag #isoliloquy. Constructive feedback on your performance and writing can be given by request.

Each week has a theme for the monologue that alludes to Tall Tale's upcoming project premiere in June... can you figure out what it is?!

For full details on rules, schedule, and answers to questions you may have visit our Monologue Competition Page here!

Break Legs!

Our 2020 Season Update

April 11 2020

With the continued unsurety of how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the arts in the coming months, Tall Tale Theatre Company has made the difficult decision to postpone all workshops planned for the year, excepting “All About Voice Acting”, as well as our summer tour of our original show Commedia Noir. Plans to premiere an original play, Angel’s Song, this winter are still underway, pending any health developments the upcoming months have in store. 


Tall Tale had planned to host five unique workshops this season, beginning in March and ending in December. Out of those five, only one now will still occur: “All About Voice Acting” in December. It will be taught in collaboration with special guest Julius Cho, an accomplished voice actor based in Toronto. Registration is still available through Tall Tale’s website. Anyone who purchased a spot in all other workshops for this year will be fully refunded.


After a very successful premiere at Rockstar Music Hall in October 2019, Tall Tale was going to take its original masked comedy Commedia Noir, written by Averey Meloche, on tour to Goderich, Kingsville, and then once again in Windsor in August. The tour is being put on hold, and is being planned instead for the summer of 2021. 


Tall Tale is very excited to premiere Angel’s Song, written by Brian Taylor: 


“Angel's Song” is an account (mostly fact based) on the Christian re-invasion (The Third Crusade) of a land retaken by Salah ad Din. The ruthless killing machine known as The Lion Heart is determined to take back Jerusalem. But before that can happen, he must take Acre. Oh, and there's an angel, two queens, a prostitute and a Monk. Something terrible will happen, if common sense does not prevail. 


Originally, Tall Tale planned on premiering the play in the Fall of 2020, but is now hoping to premiere it in the Winter of 2020. We are looking forward to working with Brian Taylor again, after premiering his hilarious and touching one act play ADR/VO at our 2nd Annual Building Blocks Fundraiser in March.