Season 2: Isolation Double FEARture

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

This special was made possible in part by the City of Windsor.

Tall Tale Theatre Collective is proud to release 2 NEW EPISODES in the second season of the Night Terrors podcast - Isolation Double FEARture!

Episode #1: 'Foreverland' is written by Breanna Maloney and is a co-production with Breanna Maloney Creations. Somewhere between a dream and reality. Anna tries to protect her son Daniel from the hag, a beast of the night who infiltrates Anna's psychosis. 'Foreverland' is a story about a woman's struggle with sleep paralysis and how her dreams reflect her relationship with herself vs. motherhood. This story is based on real life events and interviews.

Episode #2: 'Ace in the Hole' is written by Andrew Iles, story by Eric Branget and is co-produced with our friends from Post Productions. Ace Night is obsessed with being the greatest magician alive. But at what cost? When his nationally televised trick "Buried Alive for 7 Days" goes wrong, he is forced to determine who on his team wants him dead...before it's too late. His jealous wife? His greedy manager? His perfect assistant? Or perhaps the very man who made his coffin. Find out with our most star studded cast to date as they bring you, Night Terror's: Ace in the Hole.

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