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Undergrad: A Monsterhearts tale - Leadership

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Leadership Part 1Undergrad: A Monsterhearts tale
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     The A.V. Club is going to camp! To be precise, the Super-Fun-Time-Learn To Be A Leader Camp, where they are to be paired with 18 year old, victory lapping, high school students from Lovecraft High and teach them leader and self-esteem. But scary campfire stories pale in comparison to what awaits them all in the woods... which will come to a grand conclusion in one epic talent show showdown. Near death experiences, newly kindled love, dark secrets, and terrible camp food all await in our very first secret episode Arc: Leadership.      

     This secret arc features eleven players in collaboration with Skipping Stones Theatre based in Toronto, Ontario. That's right... eleven! How does our Game Master, Eric, work his magic with a group so big? There's only one way to find out.


     *All character portrayed in this arc are over the age of 18. This was done intentionally to insure that the intimate nature of the Monsterhearts system would not cross any moral, legal, or ethical lines.*


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