Providing actors with the tools and knowledge to perform with specificity, consistency, and take their skills to the next level

Shakespeare Intensive Workshop

March 16th, 17th: 12pm - 6pm each day

Fee: $125, Student Rate: $100

Location: The Shadowbox Theatre, 1501 Howard Ave. Windsor

Preparation: One Shakespearean monologue fully memorized

In this two-day intensive workshop, you will learn how to tackle the Bard like a pro. Through textual analysis, demonstration, feedback and coaching, you will learn to master the nuances of Shakespearean performance techniques. Participants are required to bring a fully memorized monologue with them on the first day to make the best use of the available time. At the end of the first day you will be given a monologue to memorize and perform on the second day. This workshop is LIMITED to 30 PARTICIPANTS, so register today! Presented in Collaboration with The Shadowbox Theatre.

Learn more about The Shadowbox Theatre here

Fundamental Acting Techniques

May 19th - June 23rd: 10am - 4pm each Sunday

Fee: $250, Student Rate: $200

Location: The Shadowbox Theatre, 1501 Howard Ave. Windsor

Preparation: None

Back for a second year! Fundamental Acting Techniques returns as a lean, focused, six-week course in which you will develop skills to prepare you for success in any genre, from stage to screens small and large. During the course you will apply what you’re learning to a monologue and a scene, capping it all off with a performance for friends, family, and the general public. This course is LIMITED TO 16 PARTICIPANTS so be sure to register early.

Learn more about The Shadowbox Theatre here

Acting for the Camera

September 21st, 22nd: 10am - 4pm each day

Fee: $150, Student Rate: $100

Location: The Shadowbox Theatre, 1501 Howard Ave. Windsor

Preparation: None

This intensive two-day workshop will help you work on the performance and technical necessities to move from stage to screen. Learn the differences between acting on stage and acting in front of the camera, the requirements of film and television directors, and how to avoid common mistakes. In Acting for the Camera, you will also be filmed on the first day, receive feedback and analysis on your performance, then be filmed at the end so you have something to take home for your demo reel. This intensive workshop is LIMITED to 12 PARTICIPANTS, so register today!

Learn more about The Shadowbox Theatre here

Applied Acting Techniques

October 20th - December 1st: 1pm - 4pm each Sunday

Fee: $250, Student Rate: $200

Location: The Shadowbox Theatre, 1501 Howard Ave. Windsor

Preparation: None

Looking for challenges and opportunities to grow as an actor? Designed for advanced acting students, Applied Acting Techniques will help you apply your acting skills to a different era of theatre every week – Greek, Elizabethan, Restoration, Edwardian, Early Modern, Modern, and Post-Modern. By the end, you should feel comfortable interpreting, adapting, and applying your skills to any play you face. Monologues will be assigned each week to be memorized and performed the following week. At the end you will have a chance to perform selected monologues for family, friends, and the general public. This course is LIMITED to 14 PARTICIPANTS, and you must have completed the Advanced Acting Techniques or Fundamental Acting Techniques course in order to register.

Learn more about The Shadowbox Theatre here

The Ultimate Audition Workshop

November 14th: 6pm - 9pm

Fee: $40

Location: Walkerville Collegiate Institute: Drama Room

Preparation: Audition monologue fully memorized

     This workshop is geared toward preparing grade 8 students for a successful audition into the WCCA Drama program, for which auditions are occurring Nov 28th & 29th, 2019.


     We at Tall Tale Theatre Co. understand the importance of feeling absolutely prepared for a big audition, and will provide our students with the professional guidance required to: have an understanding of the WCCA audition process, strengthen their confidence as skilled performers, and develop a successful audition piece.

We also believe that our students deserve our individual attention, so this workshop is limited to 20 participants, and will only be reserved for those who purchase their tickets in advance!


     In this workshop, students will:

- Practice the same process as the WCCA audition, so that they are familiar with the proceedings, and feel less nervous on the big day

- Develop specificity for their characters within their monologues through movement, voice, and text analysis

- Break down the text, so they can assess & analyze what their character wants & why

- Explore various approaches to their characters, so they are ready for anything unexpected at their audition

- Perform their audition piece in front of their peers multiple times, so they are comfortable with receiving direction, and find ease in performing their piece


     This workshop will be taught by Averey Meloche, a graduate of the BFA Acting program at the University of Windsor; and Samantha Lillian, an alumni to the BA(H) Drama in Education & the Community program at the University of Windsor, and a qualified Intermediate/Senior Drama & Social Sciences teacher.


     Students will be required to:

- Come to this workshop with their piece memorized.

- Wear comfortable clothing that they can move around in easily

- Provide their own snack & water


     The deadline for Applying to the WCCA Drama program is November 1st, and is required for students to take part in this workshop.


     Please contact Jeff Marontate, the Director of the WCCA Program at Walkerville Collegiate Institute to receive the monologues that are predesignated to those auditioning for the WCCA Drama program.


     You can find the details on how to apply to WCCA at the following link:

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