Personalized acting classes are a unique opportunity offered year round to focus on consistent acting skill progression. These classes are meant for those who are looking to make a serious long term commitment to training, who are working on a specific performance or project, or simply wish to train in a more intimate environment. These classes are for everyone, whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to expand their tool box,  a performer hoping to nail your one time play performances coming up, and for those who are looking to plant their first acting step in the right direction.

     The beauty of personalized acting classes is flexibility: create your own unique schedule, choose the acting training you wish to engage,  and work at the pace that is right for you. 

     Since these classes are so personal, rates and registration is all handled through email.

     Click here to send us a message and embark on your own personal actor training journey!

Postponed due to COVID-19

     This workshop led by resident movement specialist Averey Meloche will explore the actors connection to their body, and their body's connection to the stage. Over two energizing days, be ready to gain new tools in building a physical character profile, an understanding of the body's constant expressivity on stage, gesture language, stage mechanics, and how bodies tell story on stage. Develop higher specificity in your body, and a more informed critical eye from outside of yourself. 

     Averey Meloche is a graduate of the BFA in Acting program, where he earned the job of Teaching Assistant for the Movement for the Actor class, taught by Gina Lori Riley. While in school he co-wrote The Steps to Sex-cess, an award winning Commedia dell'Arte Carnovacci. Since graduating he has written, directed, and performed his first full length Commedia play Commedia Noir, which will be going on tour this summer. 

     Whether you consider yourself an outside-to-in actor or an inside-to-out actor, or even a bit of both, this workshop is for you. Why, you may ask? Because in every and any approach, the audience must perceive your character through their physical behaviour. The Actor's Body works to strengthen the actor's connection between imagination, physicality, and emotions, no matter what order suits you best.

Postponed due to COVID-19

     This three-week intensive writing and performance workshop will take you through the writer's process of crafting a monologue through prompts and writing exercises, and will bring your unique and personal work to life on the stage.
     The first class, on Sunday, February 2nd will be taking place at Gertrude's Writing Room in the Coach House at Willistead Manor. (1899 Niagara St. Windsor, ON)
     The second class on Sunday, February 9th & performance on the 16th, will take place at The Shadowbox Theatre, entrance on Shepherd St. (1501 Howard Ave. Windsor, ON)


Run By:
Alley Biniarz - MFA in Creative Non-Ficton

Eric Branget - BFA in Acting

Samantha Lillian - BA-H Drama in Education

     Spotlights Up!  is a single day workshop all about one thing: music theatre performance. There are singers who can act, and actors who can sing, but this workshop will show you how to bring the two together in perfect harmony. 


     Like an actor that "mines the text", a panel of four instructors will teach you how to interpret music to serve your understanding of the play, the scene, and your character for any musical. Bring a song of your choice to work on for the afternoon and gain tools to highlight the connections between the music and character development, storytelling, and the scene, and become a more informed performer.

Be sure to come in with your song memorized and sheet music available!

     Becoming Your Mask  is a 3 day workshop  where you will construct your own unique Commedia dell'Arte character mask, and then form a relationship with your Mask character! 

     Expect to learn about Commedia dell'Arte while constructing your own plaster Commedia character mask. Choose from characters such as the acrobatic Arlecchino,  the money-manic-master-mask Pantalone,  the air-headed-long-winded scholarly Il Dottore, and more! Discover these stock characters, their traditional physicality, how the mask features informs the Mask character, and how to discover your unique relationship with your Mask. 

     Once your mask is complete and painted, then work with our two instructors to develop the physicality of your Mask character! Averey Meloche has written two original Commedia shows, including Commedia Noir, which he directed and was seen as Harley (Arlecchino).  Daniela Piccinin also starred in Commedia Noir as "Big-Sleep" Briggs (Brighella) to much audience acclaim.  

     The best part is... the mask is yours! Take your mask with you to continue to explore your relationship and continue your training at home. 

     A wise man once said: "A release of voice is a release of you"... So if you can master your own voice, do you become a master of your own world?


     Whether you are looking to start podcast recording, want to get better at impressions, trying to expand your repertoire of character voices for your Monday evening Dungeons and Dragons night,  or are oping to become a working voice actor, this Christmas Special workshop is for you!

     Join special guest instructor, Julius Cho as he co-leads a workshop centered around the art and business of voice acting. Julius Cho is a working professional tv and voice actor on shows such as CBC Gem's PeopleWatching, Teletoon's DN.Ace, TVO's Paw Patrol, and Cartoon Network & Netflix's Bakugan: Battle Planet. 


         This workshop will cover everything from how to create a compelling, nuanced character with your voice, to the entrepreneurial business process of being a voice actor like finding and booking jobs. Join us Dec 19th for a holiday voice workshop that will help give voice to your acting goals!

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